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Job Searches and Taxes

It's easy to rack up some expenses when looking for a job, especially if travel is involved. Can those expenses net you a tax break?

Ponzi with your latte?

Years ago I was sitting in Caffe Roma in North Beach, and overheard two of the regulars talking about making money off a quick stock trade -- I think it was Intel. It had the ring of a novice who day-traded a little play money. Who would have guessed it was one of countless pitches in a $14 million scam running right here in my neighborhood?

Day camp and taxes

Can you take a tax deduction for the cost of day camp for the kids?

Indifferent Home Buyers

T wo months ago my wife and I made an offer on a house here in San Francisco, but we were outbid by $50,000. Should we have offered more?

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