Legal Information and Terms of Use

Here is some long-winded legalese that applies to every page, graphic, app, and pixel of this website - the site "content."

This website may contain content that looks like legal, tax, or investment advice. And that content might actually be advice, for somebody. But maybe not...and even if it is advice, it's not advice for you - unless you're a client who is reading it in connection with a consultation. Even articles on the site that seem to address general issues are targeted at specific readers, sometimes specific clients. They don't cover all possibilities. I don't necessarily keep them up to date, and they might refer to laws or principles that no longer apply. So it would be completely irresponsible of you to read something on this site and use it as the sole or even primary basis for making a decision about money, taxes, life, or anything. Don't do it.

To the extent any content talks about investments, it's subject to the standard disclaimers that you've probably seen (but perhaps not read) a thousand times in connection with stocks, bonds, and other securities. Regulatory guidelines suggest I should repeat them here. Investments in securities, and especially investments in stocks and stock mutual funds, can gain or lose value, even to the point of becoming completely worthless. The changes in value can happen quite quickly. They have other risks as well, and their performance cannot be guaranteed; in fact, offers of guaranteed performance are typically prohibited by law. Past performance of an investment, category of investments, or investment manager is not necessarily indicative of future performance. This site should not be considered a solicitation to do business in any jurisdiction where Borek Financial Management is not authorized to do business. Borek Financial Management is a state-registered investment adviser, registered in the State of California; exceptions to registration allow for limited clients in certain other states. Nothing on this site is meant as a recommendation about the advisability of investing in, or avoiding, any specific investment. I make those sorts of recommendations regularly, but only to clients - not on this site. This site is not meant as an advertisement for Thaddeus Borek Jr., Attorney at Law.

This site contains some calculators and applications, not all of which are visible to all site visitors. A couple of them have variables that can be tweaked to address a very narrow scenario for a specific client. If you are just some random site visitor, not a client that I'm walking through an app with as part of a consultation, you should assume that the results you see might not be valid for you. Use them at your own risk. And if you're an app designer in personal finance, give me a call instead of just grabbing the Javascript. There's a lot more under the hood than what you'll see.

No graph, chart, formula, or other device visible on this site is meant to be used in making decisions about investing in securities. While such content might be useful as part of that kind of decision, it will never be enough on its own. One purpose of individual consultations with clients is assessing what factors are relevant to making such decisions. Content visible on this site will address just a piece of it.

There is no performance advertising on this website. General statements regarding the performance of asset classes or securities or anything else are just that - general statements about hypotheticals. These statements are not meant to imply that a specific client or group of clients achieved that performance, nor that I made any specific recommendation about the investment in question during the period discussed. If the commentary discusses a combination of investments, it's not being presented as data about a specific investment model I've used unless it explicitly says that (with all the associated disclaimers that might require).

Every last morsel of content on this site could disappear at any time. So don't rely on it being here next time you visit. But see the next paragraph - if I know about it, I may make an effort to leave up content that is linked to from elsewhere. Regulators: yes, content is archived even if no longer visible on the site.

Reporters, bloggers, etc. may use excerpts from content on the site, but only with attribution. Quoted text should be attributed to "Tad Borek, Borek Financial Management" with a link to the source page. Any graphics downloaded or linked to for use on another site must include attribution and should include a link back to the original site content. The attribution must be of the form "Borek Financial Management graphic" with a hyperlink back to this site. Such attribution, but not the hyperlink, may be included already as part of the image (don't fire up an image editor and remove it, thinking that makes it your own). You may leave out this attribution, but if you do you agree to liquidated damages of $500,000 per page view on your site. No wait, make it a cool million. And please do it so I can retire quickly. Call or email to discuss any other uses of site content not consistent with these guidelines. I'm quite flexible, but I think cut and paste without attribution is totally lame.

Content on this site is directed at individuals in the United States. Other countries have completely different investments and tax laws, and use different currencies. Many even have a different word for everything! The nerve. So if you aren't a US-based site visitor, assume that the entire site is inapplicable to you. Adios, au revoir, etc.

Portions of this website use cookies to operate. They aren't the kind of cookies that are cross-referenced against other cookies on your computer, so I know to offer up an advertisement for galoshes because you did a search for them last week on your smartphone. But the backbone of the site uses them, so you should know about them. Just for pathing, login and that kind of stuff, nothing creepy.

Similarly, apps accessible through this site may rely on commercial frameworks that I have no control over. Adobe Flash Player is an example of one such framework. Those frameworks may have functionality of their own, and introduce security risks not of my making. Use any application on this site at your own risk.

Clients of Borek Financial Management: this site does not currently contain any functionality for gathering confidential information from you, and none of your confidential information can be accessed through it. If you are trying to access investment accounts, log in directly at the site of the account custodian.

These terms of use may change in the future. In the case of any conflict between these terms of use and my Advisory Agreement, the Agreement's terms prevail for any current client.