Media Mentions

Over the years I've had many opportunities to share my opinions in a variety of media outlets. Some links below may require site subscriptions to view.

New York Times, 2/18/2017 - With No Frills and No Commissions, Robinhood App Takes On Big Brokerages<. Count me among the skeptics regarding the value of "free" trading apps.

CBS News SF, 6/21/2016 - Giants Pitcher Jake Peavy Claims Advisor Ripped Him Off For Millions In Ponzi-Like Scam<. Sad story of professional athletes who lost millions to a dishonest advisor.

Wall Street Journal, 3/12/2012 - Drilling for Dollars<. Is fracking an investment theme to pursue, or possibly more of a fad?

Financial Times, 3/1/2012 - Letter to the Editor<. Lawrence Summers, in an opinion piece about tax reform, seemed to be citing as an example that the IRA contribution limit is $2,000. The FT published my comment letter about that, which at least one person< read.

Time, 1/22/2010 - Exchange-Traded Funds: The Hidden Risks<. Hidden in oil & gas ETFs, for example.

On Wall Street, October 2009 - The New Retirement Portfolio<. Case study for a successful business owner.

Barron's, 11/10/2008 - Financial Advisers' View<. I got to say "We're approaching that emperor's clothes moment" about alternative investments like hedge funds, a month before the barest emperor of all time, Bernie Madoff, was outed.

Conde Nast Portfolio, 3/31/2008 - It's My Money, and I'll Pay What I Want To. Case study on tax planning.

Contra Costa Times, 6/18/2007 - Investors flocking to state bond offering. Bonds vs. bond mutual funds.

Wealth Manager, May 2007 - The Money Factory. No, manufacturing isn't dead.

On Wall Street, October 2006 - A Combination Platter to Suit Boomers. High-yield bonds, should you bother?

Oakland Tribune, 8/18/2006 - Some investors opt for index funds. A topic I talk through frequently in my practice.

On Wall Street, April 2006 - Paradise Found (Section 179)<. Writing off that new computer.

Oakland Tribune, 3/3/2006 - Trading after hours is risky business. Title says it all.

The Salt Lake Tribune, 5/7/2006 - Cloud of short selling<. The oddity of the Overstock naked-shorting.

Oakland Tribune, 9/24/2005 - Brokers range from discount to full service.

Financial Planning, College Advisor, 9/23/2004 - Expert's Corner. Running through a college-savings scenario for a 19 year old.

Financial Planning, SMA Advisor, 7/22/2004 - Separately Managed Aggravation. Some practical issues with large-scale separately managed accounts.

Wealth and Retirement Planner, March/April 2004, Buried Treasure. All sorts of tax tips.

Financial Planning, SMA Advisor, 1/22/2004 - They Say SMA's are Tax Efficient - but are They Right? Maybe yes, maybe no.

San Francisco Chronicle, 11/20/2003, CalPERS Takes Two Routes<. Possible tax hits when other mutual fund holders sell.

Financial Planning, May 2003 - The Dogs of War. Noise in markets.

Forbes, 12/9/2002. Roth conversions in low-income years.

Financial Planning, February 2001 - What Planners Want. I wanted more ETFs. I eventually got them.


The pieces below were more about the business of investment advice, rather than about personal finance.

WSJ Online, 7/18/2003 - Getting Personal: CFP-Board Faces Trademark Criticism. Not so much a personal finance article; the piece shows the importance of choosing a trademark that isn't "merely descriptive."

Financial Planning, 11/20/2003 - SEC Makes Changes to Custody Rules.

Financial Planning, June 2003 - Give & Take: Fees for AUM. There's no perfect billing method, but asset-based fees make sense for several reasons.

Financial Planning, 2/11/2004 - Is Schwab Greedy Or Just Smart. In a word: greedy.